Saturday, March 15, 2014

Summer Time 2014

Well, here in the Philippines, people are getting to hit summer vacations! And we are known for some beaches.

I scanned some of my photos and found these.

This photo above was taken in Surigao del Sur. Britannia Islands. Island hopping and scuba diving. They call this island a vanishing island. As high tide, only part of the island is seen.

This island has caves and corals. One of the islands of Britannia.

This photo is taken in Samal, Davao del Sur. An island just a few minutes away from Davao City. There are a lot beaches here. A variety of choices.

Happy Summer!


kimmy said...

i love beaches! unfortunately, i had very few chances of having been to one..

Ischialgia said...

Wonderful view. Britania island is tiny, isn't it?

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Angela Brooks said...

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