Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shopping at Novica

I was wondering last week why a lot of my visitors came from Rosa's Yummy Yums.. At first, I didn't mind. Until Rosa sent me a message to email her. There is something for me. I won a$50 worth of gift certificate from Novica. Again, I wondered and curious. When I opened the website, I like it! I'm a fan of National Geographic. I was really excited for the jewelry collection. I love their designs! I enjoyed browsing the items. Add them to my Wishlists. Someday.. I'll gonna buy them! hehehe

My first choice is this, Garnet and smoky quartz earrings, "Blossoming" by Nareerat. According to Novica, Garnet is believed to have properties that provide stability, grounding, and courage. Some cultures also associate garnet to sexuality, bounty and fertililty. I also chose quarts because it is my birthstone (April). Garnet, the stone of love and devotion. Quartz is an Energizer and Amplifier.

My other choice is the Pearl and amethyst beaded bracelet, 'Lilac Rose'. Pearl is a symbol of feminine wisdom. It symbolizes Honesty, Purity, Wisdom and Integrity. And I think that's why it is best for a bride to wear pearls during her wedding. Amethyst is a stone for spirituality. I like this stone because it is said that it can help reduce stress and bring calmness and clarity in times of confusion.

And the last.. The top 1 on my Wishlist for my Birthday... Garnet Heart Necklace, "My Love".
An exquisite necklace (according to Novica). Garnets seem to palpitate within a sterling heart. A declaration of love, this exquisite necklace is carefully crafted by Indian designer Neeru Goel.

Thank you Rosa for this wonderful gift certificate at Novica.. :-)


  1. Lucky you! I love your Novica choices.

  2. Congratulations!! Those earrings are fabulous~

  3. All of the jewels are beautiful, I like it... So cool to win something!

  4. congrtass!! those earrings are looking so beautiful!!!

    came thru another blogger and would be glad if you drop in at my small space and add yourself to my friend list.. happy to have u there :)

    glad to be part of ur spce too :)

  5. ohhh, beautiful!! thanks for your visit :)

  6. Great jewels! I'm glad you enjoyed your gift certificate.




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