Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just reminiscing riding an airplane! And these are some of the planes that brought me to my vacation destinations. hehehe

Cebu Pacific Air. This airline is one of the cheapest in the Philippines. Or should I say, the cheapest? It is the first local airline that introduced e-ticketing (no tickets! only print-outs!). It has fun up in the sky. they called it Fun Flights in domestic carriers. Games games games with prizes. :]

Silkair. Route: Davao-Cebu-Singapore. I like their food. Burp! Going to Sigapore is quite a long trip for me because it took 3 hours in the air! But it is worth it because Singapore is promising. And I love staying there!

Hongkong Express. This was taken in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I can't forget this trip because we slept in the airport! We arrived in Manila around after lunch time. And it will be costly if we stay in a hotel because our flight the next day was very early. Around 7:30am! I enjoyed watching cabin crew with different uniforms. hehehe Anyway, going to Hongkong is scary. Lots of air packets. But its ok. I enjoyed staying in Hongkong!

I treasured this photo because this is the only photo I got up in the sky! Hope I can renew my passport again (it expired last March 2011). And I also hope I can still have a vacation with my family. I really want my next stop is in Europe!


  1. ya ya happy journey ..<a href=">.</a>


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