Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Towering Tower

I was amazed when I got this picture when I went for a vacation in Hongkong last June 2010. It was rainy and fog is seen. When we were on a tour, this caught my attention. The tower and the clouds met. I wonder what's the feeling being on top with clouds outside...

Here in Davao, we don't have that high rise structures. We have buildings but none of them met the clouds! Hope I can still visit Hongkong in the future. I had a lot of fun staying in Hongkong.


  1. That is an amazing photo. I visited Hong Kong several times when I was in the Australian Navy many years ago. It as my favourite place out of all the places we had visited. I absolutely loved the food their, the people were so friendly & the shopping bargains were fantastic. I was 21 when I last visited & am now 50 but I still remember it with fondness.

  2. wow! that's a good memory! :] its true! the place is amazing. love also the food and stuffs!

  3. great photo! I love Hong Kong. I wish I could go back there every year! :D



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