Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Long Time WishList

Its been 10 years since I wanted this camera! At last! got it as a Christmas Gift from my Dad. Im so happy because this is my hobby. I love taking pictures. Since college, I really wanted to have like this. This is always my dream cam. I used to take pictures using compact camera.

When I was in college, I just watch people having this cam and wish hope someday I can have it. Im sooo happy that it was given to me as a gift. Because here in the Philippines, cams like this is very expensive. Only a few can afford it. That's why its a dream for me to have it. Next step: to study more on photography! yippeeeee!!!

Thanks to my dad. I love it! Nice to have you SONY A33. :]


  1. I recently bought a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS, you bought your excellent camera. You can visit my blog if you want, all the photographs published here. Good luck, and enjoy a lot taking many photographs.

  2. Thank you! i visited ur blog. nice pix! good luck also to your hobby. :]

  3. aww, that is so nice, Its on my wishlist too but I guess i have to wait further more, hihi.

    anyhw, have a great day and thanks for your visit.

  4. hi there. thanks for the visit by the way. congrats on your new camera. i wish to change too my old cam. i got the sony alpha 100. but i know it's really expensive, can't afford to buy a new one yet. but still, i am quite satisfied with my reliable cam. please do post pics using your new cam! i'm excited to see your work. hehehe... thanks again for the visit. your Christmas is truly merry!

  5. pinx>> sure! im so glad that we shared the same hobby! :]


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