Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Another Day...

I just want to write about nothing. That's why I'm taking this chance to sit, type and write things that comes into my mind. Got a lot today. Rushing reports for deadline. Just have my performance evaluation from my boss. Got my "kris-kringle" for the christmas exchange gifts. Had a walk down the hill from our office to get a ride. Whew! I wonder what would it be tomorrow? hehehe

Just another day to check my Facebook account. Just another day for my blogging business. Just another day to be with me.

Its been a long time to feel what's inside me. Yeah, I feel good. I feel guilty. That's weird. But yes. It's true. There are things complicate my life. That's my TREK... Trekking my life is not an easy road to take. There might be bumpy roads. Dark woods. But somehow there are beautiful things like valley, meadows and chirping birds. To the one who thinks that life is dark, if you think you made a wrong decision, go back. Detour. Maybe there's another road that just meant for you... You just have the wrong one that made you learned the right one...

Trek life.


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