Monday, December 20, 2010

Yeah It's Me!

Got this pix after our Christmas Party. This is taken by one of my officemate at the entrance of Northcrest Subd. (One of the projects our company is developing). And this is me!

Well, no camera tricks. No editing. When I saw this, I was amazed by the effect. I think because the camera was moved before the click or flash.

This day was a memorable day for because of some of the events happened. The games, the raffle draws, the good news that was announced by our big boss, walking halfway towards the amenities area with all the afternoon sunlight. Whew! It was a long day. But I had very much fun!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Value Communication

Here some tips that could help communication gap in a relationship. Hope this can help you.

1. Practice attentive listening. – giving your partner your full attention. Encourage them with your eyes, explain the problem, with providing what you assume you have heard, summarizing and paraphrasing what they have said and say: Did I understand you exactly?

2.Be at rest, end all other activities. – Do not do something while talking to each other. Stop and have an eye contact. It seems easy and it is very powerful.

3.Honesty – ask yourself whether it is a time for you to be truly present for your partner, when he or she wants to talk to you. If you can’t give them your complete attention then say no. Say it with love and respect.

4.Listen with an empty cup. – even if you heard it a hundred times, listen as if you don’t know it, haven’t heard of it before.

5.Speak from the heart – Listen to your feelings before speaking.

6.Time for the truth – think whether the other person is ready to hear what you will tell them. If you think he’s not, then, leave it for now.

7.Leave the past behind – past is past. Value the present.

8.Make time – Do have quality time with each other. Make sure that you have an equal amount of time to spend with each other.

9.Learn more about communication – we are still learners. There are still a lot that we ought to know about communication.

10.Say Thank You – it is a gratitude that will enhance relationship. Saying Thank you means you value the time you spent with each other.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its Christmas Time Again

Its December... Its Christmas time again. People start decorating. People start caroling. And people start giving gifts.

Some started decorating as early as September. When the "Ber" months come, then its Christmas time again. But me, I started decorating our home only this December. Our cute Christmas tree. The christmas lights outside our house and at our "Mango Tree". Its a good feeling there is a spirit of Christmas.

Hope this season will be exciting, blessed and a time for love. These decors are only part of it. And Im very much thankful that this Christmas, our family is complete. Got all of my wishlist (lucky for me. :]).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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