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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Enchanted River - Surigao del Sur

Another place was visited.. The Enchanted River.. I didn't expect how beautiful this river was. It has crystal blue water which is around 80 feet deep with a mixture of saltwater and freshwater. It is called "enchanted" because locals believed that the river is protected by spirits.

The photo above: the current is going to the sea. Lifeguards always remind us to be careful because the current is a little bit strong. There is rope as boundary. Careful enough not to go beyond that point.

Feeding time is around 12pm and 5pm. When we were swimming, no fishes! Just imagine how deep it is!

Its like having a spa in a river! Stepping on the limestone, its just like having a foot massage. I don't know if this is true, they said that its water is like a fountain of youth. Whatever it is believed, swimming here gave me an amazing experience.

Enchanted River...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trekking Manila

These photos are my collection during my trip in Manila. It was summer time and my friend invited to stay with her even just for a week. And of course, I definitely agreed and had fun!

My friend's apartment is near Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This international airport is located along the border between Paranaque and Pasay, and southwest of Makati. This is a busy airport and the main international gateway to the Philippines. Anf of course, the hub for all Philippine Airlines. That's why in my photo, Philippine Airlines as my subject.
Anyways, we just stayed in her terrace and counted every airplane taking off and the airplane that landed. What a past time! But at the same time, we catch things up.

This was taken at Glorietta Mall, one of the largest malls in Manila. Located in Makati City which is owned by Ayala Corporation. This mall contains lots of shops and restaurants. There are also cinemas, gyms, arcades and has a large atrium for special events. Kinda tiring walking around the mall. At least I burnt some of my calories! hehe

Taken at Trinoma Mall. Another Ayala Land owned. One thing I like in this mall. Its natural feature. There is a rooftop park which contains many water features. I think there were seven, and one of them is in this photo! Amazing!

Bonifacio High Street. Another Ayala Land property located in Taguig. First in Philippine retail. Along in its street, there are diverse cuisine, a lot of latest fashions. Experiencing mall in a park.

Thanks for reading my getaway! Happy blogging bloggers!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Past From a Present

These photos are in my photography gallery. Kind of nostalgic. It's like an old photograph of the present.

This photo is taken somewhere in Davao del Norte, Philippines. It became a past to us because this land was ours. But we have to give it up because it is very far from our home. This landscape had a vast rice field. Now, cavendish bananas is the source of income here.

This photo was taken by a bored person during lunch time. We had a seminar, and of course, having a break time with nothing to do will give you ideas to get out of boredom. And here it is! Two pairs of shoes.

The "El Salvador del Mundo Church". One of the oldest church here in Mindanao. Built in 1800's.

One of the ancestral homes in Camiguin, Philippines. A preserved ancestral heritage.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy blogging bloggers!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just reminiscing riding an airplane! And these are some of the planes that brought me to my vacation destinations. hehehe

Cebu Pacific Air. This airline is one of the cheapest in the Philippines. Or should I say, the cheapest? It is the first local airline that introduced e-ticketing (no tickets! only print-outs!). It has fun up in the sky. they called it Fun Flights in domestic carriers. Games games games with prizes. :]

Silkair. Route: Davao-Cebu-Singapore. I like their food. Burp! Going to Sigapore is quite a long trip for me because it took 3 hours in the air! But it is worth it because Singapore is promising. And I love staying there!

Hongkong Express. This was taken in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I can't forget this trip because we slept in the airport! We arrived in Manila around after lunch time. And it will be costly if we stay in a hotel because our flight the next day was very early. Around 7:30am! I enjoyed watching cabin crew with different uniforms. hehehe Anyway, going to Hongkong is scary. Lots of air packets. But its ok. I enjoyed staying in Hongkong!

I treasured this photo because this is the only photo I got up in the sky! Hope I can renew my passport again (it expired last March 2011). And I also hope I can still have a vacation with my family. I really want my next stop is in Europe!

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