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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nothing Much To Say

I just wanna post these pictures. It's late at night and I feel sleepy already. Got these shots during weekend. Nothing to do. So I grabbed my camera and went to our garden Found some wildflowers. Really bad, I don't know their names! But still, I enjoyed taking experimental shots. And I like them!

This photo above is a wildflower.

Same flower in a nostalgic way.

Another flower with a dramatic touch.

I love this shot! This is a sky. But when you look at first time, you will notice that it's look like a globe.

Have to park my laptop and sleep. I can't help it anymore! My eyes starts to ache. hehe Hope you like my photos. It's simple but a lot of words... Nothing Much To Say...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories of Summer

Summer is over. But still scanning my collections. Wondering what will I share to all of you. I got busy with my work and other stuffs. Its been a while and I really miss blogging..

This pictures are taken during our summer outing (company treat). I enjoyed playing and shooting with my camera at Bluewaters, Samal.

The horizon that caught my attention.

Love the beach!! The white sand and blue water..

The corals..

I love this picture! It's unusual. The spiral cloud. The lovely day..

Summer is over and hopefully I can get shots of rainy season one of these days. hehe

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sunsets

Below are the beauties of sunset. These were taken a year ago. Whenever I looked these photos, I just remembered how thankful I am for the wonderful day God has given me. And tomorrow will be another challenge. Another trek of my life, your life, our lives...
Got this when I was resting at our balcony. It was an ordinary Sunday afternoon. :]
At MOA, Manila.
@Mergrande Beach Resort.

Thanks for viewing! :]
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