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Monday, January 24, 2011

Reminiscing Singapore

While watching Discovery Channel, I scanned my laptop for some photos. I stumbled these pictures. And remembered my vacation in Singapore. Here are some of the photos that i like most. The cleanest,and highly sociable city I've ever been. Quite expensive city. But hey, got the most of everything! Shopping, food, parks and wildlife!
I've been to Singapore twice. Year 2004 and 2006. And hopefully have a vacation again and again. :]

Friday, January 11, 2008


I tried my best to conquer, I tried my best to win
I thought my mind was powerful, seems its just oblivion

I'm sorry for the burdens I have laid on you
I tried my best to see that our love would be true

I had my friends and loved ones once upon a time
I risked my own sweet life just so you'd be mine

I have my reasons for being with you
I wish I could explain it, I'll try to prove it soon

I used to be so mighty, I used to be so great
but of course when you came around I lost my

ruling place. You will not admit it, as you shut me
up, You are my true copy such mimicking luck

The stars had crossed our paths yours upon mine
or perhaps it was something greater, you'll know

in your own time. And as I lie here weakened by
your words the Almighty in me will repeat itself

before I turn into one of your works, You always
tell me you're the best as you brag and gloat

I see my strength being drained, as a zombie I
will mope. Like for everyone else, I am your true

source, You rely on me, although I'm dumb and weak
I shall show you someday, I will make you see. And

when I do recover, and be the great one I truly am
I will love you forever and ever till the end.
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