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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By the Sea

It's summertime here in the Philippines! Here are my photos of some of the beaches I've been. I seldom swim. But I always took photos that captures my attention. I usually get fascinated and amazed on the different moods of the sea.
My first photo was taken at Maxima Aqua Fun in Samal Island, Davao. Wishing that someday I can experience island hopping!
I don't know what was in my mind when taking this photo. A big rock (i think this is a coral stone) with small soft waves. Very gentle.
I love this photo! It's one of my favourites! Taken in Sigaboy, Davao Oriental. The mangrove trees, the sea and the sunset. Very relaxing scenery. For me, this is an anti-stress moment. Sitting outside while sipping some coffee and reminiscing.
My next photo was taken in Caraga, Davao Oriental. Breathtaking scenery! For the first time in my life, I stood in front of Pacific Ocean! Looks like gentle waves, but its kinda a heavy one! It's like massaging your back as it hit you.
Taken in Panglao, Bohol. Waves here is different. Very gentle.
Enjoy the summer and let's hit the waves!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Birthday Adventure (Part 3)

Well, I think this is my last post for my birthday adventure. And this is all about creatures that we found during our vacation.

Got this photo of a frog at the first falls. I found this interesting because it camouflaged the wall of the falls. This is very small. About two-inch I think.

Little spidy near the falls. Very very small spider. I had a hard time focusing the subject. But thanks to camera. It works!

I don't know what kind of sea creature is this. I like the colorful spikes! They won't hurt you. They said this can be eaten. I wonder what's the taste of this...

The last but not the least.. This is my favorite shot! Sea Urchin.

Anyways, today is Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all moms out there!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Birthday Adventure (Part 2)

This my part 2. And its all about "dusk in Sigaboy". A thirty-minute ride from the falls.

I found very fascinating this mangrove tree. I wanted to explore the exposure feature of my camera. And this is what I've got!

Its a rain! A heavy rainfall in the sea. I thought this rain will be coming after us. Fortunately, its going away from us because of the wind direction. It's windy. It's cold. But the party continues!

Next is the horizon. It is an open sea from the southeastern part of the Philippines. They called this region Davao Oriental. I was in the cottage, while all of them are busy drinking "tuba", its a native wine from coconut. Kinda sour but tastes ok. hehehe Anyways, this picture of the horizon is one of the things I will be missing. There are a lot of seafoods, the clear waters. And the fun with my friends.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Birthday Adventure (Part 1)

Last April 21, we went to Sigaboy, Davao Oriental for an adventure. And yes! we had a lot of fun and trekking!

Sunrise in Davao Oriental! We travelled early in the morning so that it will not be so hot. We arrived early and did some swimming during high noon! I don't care about sunburns! Just excited to swim in the the clear waters!

The next day, trekking going to the falls! There are two falls. First falls, about 30-45 mins hike.. This falls below is small but deep. Kinda eerie because it is in the small cave.

This falls is like 20 mins hike from the first falls. Much higher and much colder! Feels like I'm having a back massage when hitting the flowing water! hehehe

I enjoyed picking up some seashells. There are starfishes, sea urchins, sea cucumber and many more!

This is the best birthday adventure! And hope I'll be back here...
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