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Friday, January 9, 2009

Treasured Memories - Photos to Canvas

Printing your photos to canvas is an excellent method of recapturing treasured memories; with the technologies that are currently available there is a multitude of effects that can be used. A canvas print can be a fantastic addition to the artwork in your home; you can achieve a tasteful piece that will be unique and commented on by all your friends and family.

A printed piece can be a cost effective way of personalising your home with original art that does not cost the earth. Now that the festive season is over, recapturing a warming moment can lift the spirits when generally people are feeling a little flat. A photo printed onto canvas is a lovely idea for a thank you gift, say you have visited relations over the festive season and they have footed the expense of putting you up and laying on all the food, this type of gift will really say thank you and will be warmly received.

It is not difficult to obtain a photo canvas print; many companies offer a service on-line where you can post your photo or negative to be used to them. Many photo-shops also offer printing photos to canvas and will be able to advise you on what the effects available will look like. Some companies are able to digitally produce your photo onto roller blinds or a large wall mural which can dramatically change a room in the home or a workspace. This could be a viable alternative to completely redecorating and can totally alter the feel of the space.

Canvas is a good material to work with as so many effects can be created using it and if looked after correctly will last and last without fading. Printing onto canvas is not limited to purely photograph a Child's first drawing can be captured on canvas, holding onto that precious memory.

There are many occasions that could easily warrant the importance for being captured on canvas, such as, a birth, a marriage, a great holiday, Christmas and New Years. As well as this you could capture the family pet or favourite scenery that inspires a feeling of well being.

If wishing to transfer a photo to canvas it is possible to have red eye and blemishes that are in the photo removed from the image that will appear on the canvas. This enables a greater choice of which photo to use as we all have photos that would be great if not for some red eye or blemish that spoil it. Another option is to have a photo converted to either black and white or different tones of the same colour. These options can help create a piece of art in superb quality colour. It may be possible to pre-view these effects especially if visiting a photo-shop, which are normally extremely helpful. It is possible to create a collage of photos onto one canvas, using this method you can capture many memories in one or even tell a story.

One idea is to use photographs from each stage of a child's life, so a newborn picture, a photo of the child crawling, the child's first steps and so on, capturing each important hurdle in the child's life. Great gifts for grandparents or for parents to hang in their home as children are our pride and joy.

By Jenny Austin
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