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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Play with Lights

Another boring night... So I grab my Sony A33 DSLR Camera. Only lights from my Lamp shade, laptop and optical mouse. I enjoyed taking shots using the Auto mode of the cam. And here ye! hehehehe I posted some of my favorite shots. Hope you like them too. :]

My favourite Orange Color Optical Mouse...

A Bear wants to Kiss Me or Scare Me???

My laptop and my Favorite Spongebob Pillow.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its Christmas Time Again

Its December... Its Christmas time again. People start decorating. People start caroling. And people start giving gifts.

Some started decorating as early as September. When the "Ber" months come, then its Christmas time again. But me, I started decorating our home only this December. Our cute Christmas tree. The christmas lights outside our house and at our "Mango Tree". Its a good feeling there is a spirit of Christmas.

Hope this season will be exciting, blessed and a time for love. These decors are only part of it. And Im very much thankful that this Christmas, our family is complete. Got all of my wishlist (lucky for me. :]).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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