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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are photographs really an Art?

Why do some people desire a painting than a photograph? What’s the difference between having a canvass, brushes, and paints from having a camera? But for some reasons, there are three essential components of what we call art. First, is the artist; second, is the medium; and third is the artwork. All of these are interrelated according to Tad Beckman.

Photographic art has a lot of definitions. It will depend on how we understand it. Others say it’s about creating a stunning image that is an interpretation of the panorama that you saw in your mind captured on film, rather than just a recording of what is already there. It is playing with the lights, weather conditions and the colors. Timing is everything. The most challenging is that there are some things that you can control but the weather throws out surprises that can add that hint of drama to a picture. These hindrances will result creativeness.

A photographer will capture an image that delights their eye. They will create something that is close to their heart. That is why a photograph is more than just a piece of paper with a representation on it. Well, they are allowing you to see how they perceive the world to be, one moment at a time.

Does subject matters? I assume it’s not. There are a lot of subjects. It is in the heart of the photographer on what really his passion. As for me, I like landscapes and sunsets. Others prefer sports, portraits and flowers. The image you captured is subjective. Your approach is different from your viewer’s approach.

It is in the heart and hand of the creator behind the brush, camera or pen that executes the creative vision. Not the tools used. Then photography really is an Art.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Treasured Memories - Photos to Canvas

Printing your photos to canvas is an excellent method of recapturing treasured memories; with the technologies that are currently available there is a multitude of effects that can be used. A canvas print can be a fantastic addition to the artwork in your home; you can achieve a tasteful piece that will be unique and commented on by all your friends and family.

A printed piece can be a cost effective way of personalising your home with original art that does not cost the earth. Now that the festive season is over, recapturing a warming moment can lift the spirits when generally people are feeling a little flat. A photo printed onto canvas is a lovely idea for a thank you gift, say you have visited relations over the festive season and they have footed the expense of putting you up and laying on all the food, this type of gift will really say thank you and will be warmly received.

It is not difficult to obtain a photo canvas print; many companies offer a service on-line where you can post your photo or negative to be used to them. Many photo-shops also offer printing photos to canvas and will be able to advise you on what the effects available will look like. Some companies are able to digitally produce your photo onto roller blinds or a large wall mural which can dramatically change a room in the home or a workspace. This could be a viable alternative to completely redecorating and can totally alter the feel of the space.

Canvas is a good material to work with as so many effects can be created using it and if looked after correctly will last and last without fading. Printing onto canvas is not limited to purely photograph a Child's first drawing can be captured on canvas, holding onto that precious memory.

There are many occasions that could easily warrant the importance for being captured on canvas, such as, a birth, a marriage, a great holiday, Christmas and New Years. As well as this you could capture the family pet or favourite scenery that inspires a feeling of well being.

If wishing to transfer a photo to canvas it is possible to have red eye and blemishes that are in the photo removed from the image that will appear on the canvas. This enables a greater choice of which photo to use as we all have photos that would be great if not for some red eye or blemish that spoil it. Another option is to have a photo converted to either black and white or different tones of the same colour. These options can help create a piece of art in superb quality colour. It may be possible to pre-view these effects especially if visiting a photo-shop, which are normally extremely helpful. It is possible to create a collage of photos onto one canvas, using this method you can capture many memories in one or even tell a story.

One idea is to use photographs from each stage of a child's life, so a newborn picture, a photo of the child crawling, the child's first steps and so on, capturing each important hurdle in the child's life. Great gifts for grandparents or for parents to hang in their home as children are our pride and joy.

By Jenny Austin

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Start a Photo Blog Now

Web logs or blogs have quickly become one of the most common forms of self expression. They allow people to post their thoughts on the Internet, to be viewed by the world at large. Usually they are done in text, but now technology has opened a whole new generation of blogs, known as photo blogs.

Remember the old expression, "a picture speaks a thousand words"? Photo blogging is the embodiment of this concept. Instead of people voicing the stories that they want to share by writing them out, they do so using photographs. These pictures can often convey sentiments that are hard to express in words and invoke the emotions of those who view them. Not all of them are dramatic portraits that required years of skill to take. They can be as simple as a mother smiling with tears in her eyes, as she holds a new baby in her arms. A picture like this sends a lot of messages, from the appreciation of new life, to the huge responsibilities that parents hold, as symbolized by the child in the mother's arms.

Many photo bloggers are expert photographers and share their art with the world through their blogs. Many of these photographers have received acclaim for their skills and have been recognized as the true artists that they are. They post pictures that they have taken all over the world, from serene mountain scenes, to violent confrontations. All of their pictures convey certain messages by the images that they contain.

Amateur photographers also use photo blogging as a way to establish themselves as artists. They may not be able to travel the world over to obtain their pictures, but can still take them locally to convey their messages. A picture taken of children at play in a schoolyard can carry invoke all kinds of emotions if taken at the right angle and with varying light. Even a picture as simple as a person deep in thought while walking a dog can convey the message of a how an animal can be happy while attached to a leash, while also showing how humans can suffer although they are free to do what they want.

Photo blogging has become so popular that forums have been created for them. Here people can talk about blogging, get advice on techniques or share their pictures. So much for the old photo albums that you used to pull out when you had a visitor. Now you can share all of your favorite photographs with the millions of people that surf the web just to view them.

If you love to take pictures and are proud of your work, consider starting a photo blog. It may be the most rewarding way for you to enjoy your hobby and display your craft.

4 Simple Tips To Taking Great Pictures

Are you interested in developing your photography skills and becoming an expert at photo shooting? You may be just starting out or just bought a digital camera. After snapping up numerous photos, you are beginning to wonder why your pictures do not look that great after all.

When you look into a picture that pleases the eye, can you detect the subtlety that makes it appealing? We all know a well taken photo when we see one. Here are some tips that you can use. These tips apply to both digital and traditional cameras.

Here are four tips for a better picture.

1. Get a little closer, do not be shy. One of the biggest mistakes most beginning photographers make is shooting from so far away. They leave too much distance between themselves and their subjects. Instead, get up close and personal. Fill up as much of the camera frame, with your subject, as you can. You can always reshape, trim, and resize a good quality shot. But you cannot continue to blow up a distant subject and hope that it will come into focus. It just won't happen.

2. Focus your shot on only one subject. Determine what the main subject of the photo will be, and catch that image. Try and find the one key subject, person, or event that accurately portrays the feeling you are trying to capture.

3. In addition to getting one subject, in your photos, you will want to make the background of the photo as simple as possible. Busy, distracting backgrounds pull the attention away from the central theme of your photo. The subject of your photo is absolutely the most important element, and anything that detracts from the subject can ruin your shot.

4. Subject placement. Most people place the subject at the exact center of the frame. There is nothing wrong with this. However this often leads to a bland and uninteresting picture. You may use a method called the rule of thirds. Imagine having a camera lens split into 9 equal sized boxes, 3 across and 3 down (like having a tic tac toe game printed right on your camera lens). Where those "tic tac toe" lines cross, should become the focusing point of your subject, when you are arranging to take your photo.

Based on this tip, every time you compose a shot, the main subject of your photo should be located primarily on one of these "third" lines.

These are just four very fundamental tips and strategies to help improve your photos. Photography skills can always be improved and is never ending. You have to keep on practicing and shooting in order to improve your photography skills. Get a critic and show them your pictures. Then you will able to improve your skills. You can even post your photos to online forums for them to rate your pictures. Take advantage of these and hopefully you will become the next award winning photographer.

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