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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Past From a Present

These photos are in my photography gallery. Kind of nostalgic. It's like an old photograph of the present.

This photo is taken somewhere in Davao del Norte, Philippines. It became a past to us because this land was ours. But we have to give it up because it is very far from our home. This landscape had a vast rice field. Now, cavendish bananas is the source of income here.

This photo was taken by a bored person during lunch time. We had a seminar, and of course, having a break time with nothing to do will give you ideas to get out of boredom. And here it is! Two pairs of shoes.

The "El Salvador del Mundo Church". One of the oldest church here in Mindanao. Built in 1800's.

One of the ancestral homes in Camiguin, Philippines. A preserved ancestral heritage.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy blogging bloggers!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Camiguin (Island Born of Fire)

Camiguin is called "Born of Fire". Located in the Northern Mindanao, Philippines. It was created by volcanic eruptions and land movements. It is a small island with lots of natural resources. There are hot and cold springs, waterfalls, mountains and beaches. I like here because they have a simple living and peaceful atmosphere for the residents.

The famous Katibawasan Falls.

Sunken Cemetery. The large white cross is very historical. A cemetery was gone because of the eruption of Old Vulcan Daan in 1871. Very nice place especially during sunset.

White Island. Well, literally, it is white because of its sand. It changes its shape and size with the season. No trees, no shade.
But its worth coming for!

The place is very beautiful! You'll never regret staying in Camiguin!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go For Camiguin!

I was scanning my photos. Stumbled with these pictures and suddenly wish for a summer vacation! My mind just want exploring somewhere. Enough out of the country escapade. I missed being with nature. Once visited Camiguin and I love it! That was 10 years ago. There are a lot new spots to hang out there, as what my friends told me. Last time we went there, only falls (Katibawasan Falls), hot spring(Ardent), hike (Mt. Hibok-hibok-my photo above) and their famous native delicacy (Pastel). Some people brought their tents and camp at the parks.

I recommend to visit Camiguin when you come in Philippines. There are a lot of resorts to spend the night. A lot of food trips and nature tripping. A truly get away from busy and stressful city life.
**Island seen going to Camiguin**
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