Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oreo: The Blue Cream Persian Kitten

This is Oreo. My sister's Persian kitten.

Persian cats has long flowing coat with luxurious full, soft wooly undercoat hairs with longer coarser guard hairs and a chunky body which is often referred to as "cobby". Their legs are thick and stocky. They have round eyes set in a sweet round flat face. The beautiful copper eyes of a Blue Persian cat are the most aesthetically striking feature. In fact, it gives out a commanding and often haunting kind of feeling when you look into them. The overall expression of its rounded face with soft lines makes it appear sweet and unique.

Persian cats are known to have a quiet, gentle, and easygoing personality. They are calm and undemanding and very affectionate. They are very placid and unlikely to scratch anyone. They enjoy spending time with their
owners and participating in daily activities. These Persian cats craves and demands your attention. They are playful and can give their owners much love and devotion. They love to be stroked and patted and lap up any attention you give them.

Described as a sweet cat, Persians are not particularly active. Though they do enjoy running and playing, they will spend a fair portion of the day sleeping.

The only concern is the Persian's large eyes, which tend to run and tear more than other breeds. Washing the cat's face daily helps prevent matting around the eyes and helps reduce the risk of eye infections.

Persian cats needs special attention because of its thick fur and long coat. Daily brushing is recommended and occasional baths may be in order when their coat becomes excessively dirty or matted. Knots are always a problem, so preventive maintenance on the coat is very important.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Avengers Mania

I was just surprised how The Avengers Film 2012 is a blockbuster! I mean, one of our malls here, with 6 cinemas, all the same movie! I know some of the characters because way back years, I read marvel comics. Just to refresh my memory who are these famous characters featured in this movie.

IRON MAN... Anthony Stark. He has no powers. Only his body has been enhanced by the modified techno-organic virus. It is named Extremis. For now, it is currently inaccessible and inoperable. He is very intelligent. This allows him to invent wide range of sophisticated devices. Very advanced. He is also a very business-minded person.
His armor includes primary energy weapon, repulsor, and a powerful particle beam his is a standard equipment in the palms of his armor. He has also has repulsor ray that can repel physical and energy-based attacks, Traveling as either a single stream or as wide-field dispersal.

CAPTAIN AMERICA.. Steven "Steves" Rogers. The pinnacle of human physical perfection. He has a very high intelligence as well as agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed. The Super-Soldier formula made his body functions to the peak of human efficiency. His body also eliminates the excessive-build up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, givinghim a phenomenol endurance.

INCREDIBLE HULK.. Robert Bruce Banner. He has high level of superhuman physical ability. His physical strength is potentialy limitless to the fact that the Hulk strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress, anger in particular.

THOR.. Thor Odinson. He is trained in the arts of war, a superbly skilled warrior, highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, swordmanship and hammer throwing. He has a hammer made from uru metal named Mjolnir. It is unbreakable. It allows Thor to command the powers of the storm which will cause rain, thunder and lightning.

BLACK WIDOW.. Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova. She had government treatments that slowed down her aging, augmented her immune system and enhanced her physical durability. She wears two bracelets equipped to discharge the "widow's bite," high-frequency bolts that have up to 30,000 volts, that has a capability to stun a superhuman opponent at a range of at least 20 ft. She shoots tear gas cartridges and act as a radio transmitter. Her bracelets' are activated by galvanic sensors keyed with her wrist musculature. She can also carry plastic explosive discs with a weight up to 4 lbs. of TNT in her belt and she uses automatic weapons and combat knives. She wears a kevlar-like substance which is designed for maximum protective qualities. Her Fingers and feet are lined with microscopic suction cups acticated by an electrostatic charge, allowing her to adhere to any standard building material surface.

HAWKEYE.. Clint Barton. He is a master archer with extraordinary fast reflexes, exceptional readiness and near-perfect target. He is also an excellent all-around sharpshooter with weapons using energy for targets, and has an extraordinary expertness in using miscellaneous hand-held objects as projectile weapons. He is a veteran spy to get political or military secrets, extremely impressive in strength or excellence as a combatant, and an experienced fighter pilot. He carries at least one custom bow and small arsenal of arrows - mostly standard shaft, but some are fitted with specialized tips. Sometimes, he carries special weapons such as flamethrowers.

There a a lot of marvel heroes. Click this link and explore the marvel universe!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Purple Crabs in the Philippines!

I want to share what I found when I'm surfing the internet. A purple crab found here in the Philippines! These photos are from National Geographic News. Another new discovery from our country. According to Henrik Freitag of Germany's Senckenberg Museum of Zoology, these small creatures burrow under rocks and roots in streams, feeding on dead plants, fruits, carrion and samll animals in the water at night.

Found in Palawan and it named Insulamon Palawanense. One of the four Insulamon genus species.

This deep purple crab is a female Insulamon johannchristiani. These purple crabs are strong and hard. It is used for prevention from getting battered by river rocks, according to Freitag.

This is a new crab species Insulamon magnum. Magnum means "big" in Latin. This crab is large, about 2 inches or 5.3 cm. The shell of these species are very soft. Very prone from predators.

I don't have photos for the Insulamon porculum and Insulamon unicorn. According to Freitag, scientists began extensive investigations of similar freshwater crabs in the area in the late 1980's.
This Insulamon porculum is similar with Insulamon magnum. They are big in size which measures 3 x 2.5 cm.
Insulamon porculum, measures 33.1 by 25.1 millimetres.

Although they are crabs, they also differ in physical features. Their first hind, the shape of the body shell and sex organs.

Proud to say, Philippines is one of 17 countries that shelters most of Earth's flora and fauna species. The threatening reality, a lot of mining, farming and industrial activities which causes water pollution. The higher risk of extinction for these species..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nothing Much To Say

I just wanna post these pictures. It's late at night and I feel sleepy already. Got these shots during weekend. Nothing to do. So I grabbed my camera and went to our garden Found some wildflowers. Really bad, I don't know their names! But still, I enjoyed taking experimental shots. And I like them!

This photo above is a wildflower.

Same flower in a nostalgic way.

Another flower with a dramatic touch.

I love this shot! This is a sky. But when you look at first time, you will notice that it's look like a globe.

Have to park my laptop and sleep. I can't help it anymore! My eyes starts to ache. hehe Hope you like my photos. It's simple but a lot of words... Nothing Much To Say...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Davao Baywalk

It was Black Saturday.. We planned to go swimming. We didn't thought that it rained that night. The tide is high and we can't even swim. Our alternative plan, Baywalk. A little walk.. A little sweat... But I enjoyed taking pictures of the sunrise!

Good morning Davao! Sunrise. Cool breeze. A perfect place to go for a walk or even a jog with a view of Mt. Apo.

Below is a replica of Michaelangelo's Statue of David. Which marks this place as of the tourist destination in Davao.

Another Davao's Pride. Got only a few shots here because we didn't stay long.We have to go home. The sun is rising high. It's getting hotter. And I'm hungry! No breakfast yet. **wink**

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By the Sea

It's summertime here in the Philippines! Here are my photos of some of the beaches I've been. I seldom swim. But I always took photos that captures my attention. I usually get fascinated and amazed on the different moods of the sea.
My first photo was taken at Maxima Aqua Fun in Samal Island, Davao. Wishing that someday I can experience island hopping!
I don't know what was in my mind when taking this photo. A big rock (i think this is a coral stone) with small soft waves. Very gentle.
I love this photo! It's one of my favourites! Taken in Sigaboy, Davao Oriental. The mangrove trees, the sea and the sunset. Very relaxing scenery. For me, this is an anti-stress moment. Sitting outside while sipping some coffee and reminiscing.
My next photo was taken in Caraga, Davao Oriental. Breathtaking scenery! For the first time in my life, I stood in front of Pacific Ocean! Looks like gentle waves, but its kinda a heavy one! It's like massaging your back as it hit you.
Taken in Panglao, Bohol. Waves here is different. Very gentle.
Enjoy the summer and let's hit the waves!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cebu City - Revisited

After our Bohol Tour, we spend overnight at Cebu City. We only visited a few places near our hotel. Only a night and a half day to spend. Here are some of the must-see places in Cebu.
Experience a Skywalk Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel & Resort. My colleagues took the sky rides, the Edge Coaster and the Sky Walk Extreme. A very nice view of the cityscape during night.
Cebu IT Park at night. This is a lifestyle destination to those who loves dining out, recreations, boutiques and some establishments that offers employments like call centers and outsourcing services.
The Taoist temple is open to public. There is a ritual here where one can pray to gods to grant his wish. Here you can view the Port of Cebu and some tall buildings. This is popular because a lot of schools held their field trips here and even one of the places that travel tours offers to visit.
We visited Basilica Sto. Nino. It was Sunday. We didn't expect how plenty of people! This is what I got using my cellphone camera. At least I had one! The Magellan's Cross. This cross is only a replica. Others believe that the original cross has been destroyed. Others believe that it disappeared after Magellan's death. This cross signifies that the Spaniards successfully colonized the Philippines.
This is the end of our tour. Hope that I can visit out of town places sometime this year.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baclayon Church - Bohol Philippines

One of my treks in life is visiting some old churches. Aside from the Sto. Nino Church in Cebu, I was really amazed with this one. Its like I traveled way back in 15th century. This is Baclayon Church. It is one of the preserved church by the Jesuits.
The entrance is very historic. The walls are blocks made of coral stones. Very good foundation because it stands for centuries!
Inside the church is very solemn. There is an emblem of the Jesuits, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" (For the Greater Glory of God). I remembered this because I graduated from a school run by Jesuits, Ateneo de Davao University. When I entered the church, I do have goose bumps! Very nice experience to enter in the second oldest church here in Philippines.
According to the elders, this door is the entrance to the horse stables, kitchen and even jail. Because according to them, inside the church, there is a dungeon. It was used to punish natives who violated the rule of the Roman Catholic Church.
Another mysterious in this church is an image of Fr. Pio of Pietrelcina on one of the pillars of the church. He became famous for his stigmata. Stigmata is the Christ like wounds that bore in palm of ones hands. He is believed to have healing powers. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2002.
This is a memorable experience in Bohol. Hope to visit more old churches someday..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nature in Bohol

This is my third post about Bohol. All about nature.
This is the Alona Beach at Panglao. We arrived around sunset. And this is what I got! A beautiful sunset view that wants me to swim because of its gentle waves rushing to the shore.
The famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol! At last! What a wonderful creation. Amazing!
The Man-made Forest. I just love to see the leaves fall.. I want to take some photos of them falling but unfortunately we are catching up the time for the Loboc River Lunch!
Up close in personal.. A Tarsier in Tarsier Conservatory, Loboc, Bohol. Very cute!
Another first time in Bohol --- Crossing across a hanging bridge!! What freaks me most is that my colleagues are jumping and I'm in the middle of the bridge! Very nice experience! hehe
The Loboc River. Lunch while sailing along the river... Unforgettable experience with the floating restaurant!
Two thumbs up for Bohol Tour!
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