Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bohol Bee Farm - Bohol, Philippines

Our next stop is the Bohol Bee Farm. We arrived here almost late in the afternoon. And unfortunately, the last batch of the tour has just started and we didn't made it. Well, we just ate ice cream, take note: Moringa flavor! In tagalog: Malunggay! Tastes delicious! Anyway, here are some of the photos that made me think of my dream home.. hehe
BEE MINE! This decor caught my attention. So sweet!
This is their diving area. I don't have an idea if this is a spring water. The water is very tempting for swimming.
Their lounge. Comfy and cozy.
Their restaurant.. It's like eating at home! With the fresh air around
Till my next feature!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hinagdanan Cave - Bohol, Philippines

Our next stop is the Hinagdanan Cave. According to the locals, it is called Hinagdanan because it means "laddered". It is an underground cave with a beautiful lagoon inside.
Here are some of my photos inside the cave. Beautiful natural light from the cave's outside.
Amazing rock formations like these stalactites.
They said it is very cool to swim here. It was not tempting me. Know why? I don't know how true. But the locals told us it is 15 meters deep. I just dip my foot and feel its cool and relaxing water. :-)
Another amazing spot in the cave are these wall paintings. Kinda creepy.
Hope someday you can visit Bohol too. A two thumbs up for a vacation.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dauis Church - Bohol, Philippines

It was my first time in Bohol! Two days full of memorable experiences.. March 16, 2012.. My first step in Bohol. hehe With my officemates, we decided to take a vacation. And here we are! Here are my photos in Dauis Church. I was really amazed in their architecture. As if I time traveled way back in centuries.
The ceiling of the church..
A wall painting of the Last Supper...
The spring water inside the church. Known for its miraculous healing power. Got one bottle for my family. It is not for sale. Just give money for a donation.
The outside of the church.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Davao's Treasures

Another year for Davao City! 75th Araw ng Dabaw. Life is Here.
I found it interesting to post some photos about my hometown. This picture came from the web. I don't have some photos of "Waling-Waling". It is an orchid. I included this because I think its year 2008 when Davao City had lanterns along the streets. These colorful lights caught my eyes when I came from Cebu. Amazing aerial view!
I love this! Davao won't be Davao without this exotic fruit name "Durian". At first, I hate its smell. Until I tasted it. Two thumbs up! But be careful. Over eating this fruit will lead to hypertension and high cholesterol. And thank you for this fruit because I heard, its helpful of patients with dengue and to those who has anemia. This fruit will help to increase platelet counts. I don't know if this is true. But a lot of people are telling this fruit can be an alternative medicine.
Another treasure is the famous monkey-eating eagle. Got this photo when we visit the sanctuary.
The last and most majestic scenery that Davao is famous with... The Mt. Apo. Highest mountain in the Philippines. Got my best shots.
Happy Araw ng Dabaw to all Dabawenyos!!! :-)
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