Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lantaw Bukid Resort, Davao City

Another holiday. Another getaway to relax from city life. We chose Lantaw Bukid Resort, located at Los Amigos, Tugbok District, Davao City. A 30-minutes to an hour ride from downtown area, depending traffic situation. I think it is called Lantaw Bukid because "Lantaw" in our dialect here means "look" and "bukid" means mountain. And it's true. Overlooking nature.

Lantaw Bukid Resort has many amenities. There is a small pond for fishing "Hito" (Catfish), and also for boating. It has also a pool area for adults and kids. The kiddie pool is amazing because there is a fountain at its center. There is an open playground for all ages!

I love this place because it is very peaceful. Away from busy streets and traffic. Away from a stressful living just for a day. It is a fun way catching up with friends and family members. There are cottages if you just want to sit down and have a chat while eating. Or do some adventure or just swim and feel the heat of the sun.

I love Davao City! There's no place like home...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cheers with Some Drinks!

Got some time with my close friends after holidays. First, we had some chat at Blugre Cafe. And my favorite drink is the White Mocha. It has nougats. Very relaxing while reminiscing our high school memories...

First time for this beverage. It's a beer and my first time to drink this Tanduay Ice. People say don't underestimate this drink. Proven! Taste like juice. But hey! after a few minutes, I got dizzy!! Nice one! The best alcomix I ever tasted!

Another first time. It's been eight months I think since Abreeza Ayala Mall opened here in Davao City. At long last, after eight months!! Got a taste of their Dark Mocha Blended Coffee. Love blended coffees!

Another craze of us! Me and my colleague love their brewed tea! I told her: Love at first taste!. Yup. Very much refreshing especially their Black Magic Tea. It's a milk tea with some jellies. A stall name 360 degrees. My colleague loves their Oolong tea. Good for health conscious people because Oolong Tea has benefits in controlling obesity. I recommend this to all Dabawenyos! Found in SM City Ecoland, they also have a brance in Yahu Plaza, near Uyanguren area. Very refreshing and a healthy drink for all.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Much Love From Them

At last! These cute little ones are in my blog! Well, I always wanted for a small dog in the house. And here they are! Sugar - the female; Tikoy - the male one. I want to name them with something sweet.

What I really like from them is that they are very affectionate and playful dogs! They only bark if there are passers-by that they they unusual. If there is sound outside, I like the way they move their ears and locate where the sound came from. Sometimes a hard-headed one. That's why I bought them some treats to get their attention. They love food! I also bought them some Denta sticks. They love to kiss and lick my hands and face. Thank you Denta Sticks! At least my dogs don't have bad breaths! hehe

They are our alarm clock! They jump and lick our faces! Kinda sweet.. When they are very hyper, I just ignore them. They know when to stop and behave. That's my babies! hehe

I really love this photo! I immediately got my cellphone and took a shot. They are very curious.. My sister cracked a joke, Did you put some food on the christmas tree? She often teased my dogs because there are so healthy. And I'm a little bit chubby. They got their traits from me.. hmmmmffff...

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading. Happy weekend to all!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Precious Mine

Another year is here.. and as I looked back at the years passed by, here are some things that I treasured...

The latest gift that I received and value most... Its from my boyfriend... A lovely crystal earrings.. At first, I was hesitant to wear it in the public... I found out that its nice as it sparkles..

Next is something i got from Hongkong Tour. It is simple yet elegant authentic jade ring. And truly didn't regret to have this as my remembrance from my Hongkong vacation.

My eternity ring. I bought this ring last 2007. It caught my attention because of its different colors. A rare collection. I saw many eternity rings but not as this one. No multi-colored gems.

This bracelet is something I've been searching then the beaded bracelet is not in season. I searched every malls here in our place but there are no thing like this.. I gave up.. Fortunately, I went on a shopping and bumped this bracelet.. I bought it immediately.. At last I found it! hehe

Happy New Year!!!
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