Sunday, January 16, 2011

Completed Staff Work

Well, you may wonder what gotten into me why this is my topic. I attended a seminar yesterday about Completed Staffwork. And I enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshop. Simple things may be complicated.

Completed staffwork is the total analysis and preparation of a task a person/team so that after their presentation of the solution all that remains to be done by the next level of management is to agree the action/solution proposed.

So what are the key steps?
>> being clear on what you're about to do
>> you should be addressing on a right person
>> if some points that are unclear, consult with those directly and indirectly involved
>> communicate in the right way
>> be brief and to the point
>> your boss and anyone else involved should be informed
>> you should follow up agreed points
>> you should meet customer's requriements
>> review what you did frequently

Just simple points to remember when at work.

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