Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amazing Nature

I'm an avid fan of National Geographic Channel Asia. I really like how they took shots. I am amazed how they got their best shots. Two thumbs up for their professional photographers!! And so, here I am, inspired.. I am sharing some of my collections.

Spider... This one is really big from ordinary spider we saw in our backyard or attic. At first, I'm afraid to get near. But hey! what's the use of the zoom of the camera???? hehehehe
This snail really caught my attention! A snail gliding on a stem! Captured moment i guess!
One of the eagles living in sanctuary here in Davao City.


  1. These are beautiful creatures. Wonderfully captured.

  2. awwwwww...pagka nice kau...labay lang ko!

  3. Thanks for these great pictures! I love to be reminded that all these wondrous creatures exist.

  4. I love the zoom function for the exact same reason!! :D

  5. Davao has a lot of beautiful sights to around with them with your cam, I bet you 'll get many many wonderful pics.
    Your pics look great.


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