Friday, February 13, 2009

I’ve Never Felt This Way Before

I want you to know so many things about my feelings for you. It used to scare me a little bit to know how open I have been with you. Before you came along, so many of my inner feelings were completely mine. I didn’t think I would ever find anyone I could trust enough to share them with. But now, so sweetly and assuredly, I have. I am so incredibly glad you’re here.

And now… you know so much about me. Things that, for the first in my life, I feel safe sharing. I guess I just knew that you had a caring heart that would take wonderful care of the things that are so important to me.

Now there is a connection between us that will always be one of the most meaningful things I’ll ever be blessed with. The place where my life lives alongside yours is my sanctuary. It is a space where an unbreakable bond exists between us. It’s the one place on this planet where my path converges with the path of another, where I can be close enough to walk alongside you on your journey and have you there to walk with and talk on the journey of all my days.

You know where I hade the keys to the doors that lead to my happiness and my hopes. You have been with me in moments of closeness so complete that worlds get lost and love gets found in everything. You know the highs and lows, the dreams, the memories, the way yesterday has been, and the way I want tomorrow to be.

There are many things that no one knows… but you. And today, I want you to know this, to: No matter what the rest of the world might have planned, I want our lives to continue on… with the sweetest understanding and the strongest connection any two people can share…

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